The Stories

We discovered that people with learning disabilities and their supporters have found imaginative ways of accessing work, self-advocacy and independent living. Government cuts risk stifling this imagination and leaving people isolated.

Through spending time with people with learning disabilities we have documented their everyday challenges and success stories.

If you have a story to share (text, film or image) email us at

A story of employment

In this film we meet Debbie who has worked for many years for Clean Sweep, a cleaning company run by and for people with learning disabilities. We also hear from Keith Bates who has supported the business over the last 20 years.

Community living - William's Circle

William volunteers, has a rich social life and pursues a number of hobbies. William and his network of support - his circle - explain how he found volunteering opportunities and became a valued member of his local community.

Lessons from Speakup Self Advocacy Rotherham

Over the last 30 years Speakup Self-advocacy have been championing the rights of people with learning disabilities. In this film we learn more about their work.